Sunday, July 15, 2012

Stenciling, Stenciling, yeah I'm still stenciling...OK done

UPDATE of my post from last week cause I finished stenciling!

Here's the finished wall with the desk in place:

That chair in the corner needs a real slip cover but for now I just threw a white blanket over it.  I am thrilled with how the stencil turned out, but it will be a LONG time before I try a stenciling project this big again.  I have pretty close to 20 hours into that wall.

Also tool suggestion.  On Young House Love they used various size spouncers.  I started with spouncers and ended up raiding my scrapbooking supplies and using a couple sizes of daubers.  I think I could have cut a few hours off the project starting with daubers and gotten a cleaner result.

Now I really feel like I need a decent camera - those pictures are not very good.

So my favorite DIY blog, Young House Love, is cohosting a summer Pinterest Challenge.

Basically take something you've pinned on Pinterest and put your own spin on it and get it DONE, linking back to the original source of source.

Well back on June 10th (yeah a month ago) I started stenciling a focal wall in what will be my office/craft room.  I'd pinned this from Young House Love and searched stencils, but couldn't find anything I liked better so I'm a big copycat.  The only part of this I can say is my own spin is that they were going for understated and my color contrast is pretty bold.

I did not get as far as I planned cause stenciling is time consuming and tedious.  I SHOULD have gone home every night, worked for 3 hours, knocked out a few more stencil repositions and been done by now, but it was in a room where the door closes so it was out of sight and basically I'm just a huge procrastinator.  So the wall looked like this for a few weeks.

Anyway when I saw the Pinterest Challenge on Young House Love last Tuesday I decided that I was gonna get it done (I've had the stencil pinned for a long time so it counts I think).  I spent most of July 4th stenciling (Yay! for 100 degree weather and no desire to leave my house).  And got this far:

I had planned to continue stenciling Thursday and Friday evenings, but my air conditioner was struggling and it was 81 degrees in my house.  All I was up for was chillin' in my shorts and tank top and reading/watching TV ( and still sweating).  I started stenciling again briefly on Saturday before deciding that my stencil needed to be cleaned before continuing so that's as far as I've gotten.

I didn't quite complete the challenge, but decided to go ahead and post anyway.  Maybe having it up here will give me a little accountability to keep working consistently!  I'll definitely repost once complete.  The desk I painted will be up against that wall.

Materials for this project

1 Stencil
1 pint Behr Pointsetta flat enamel paint
1 pint Behr Irish Mist flat enamel paint

Spouncers - assorted sizes (I got mine at Michael's)

Daubers  - I had these in my scrapbooking supplies and they were very useful on the curved line sections of the stencil.

Frogger painter's tape
Krylon Easy-Tack repositionable Adhesive


  1. Love your color choices!

  2. Thanks! I was nervous when I started, but am loving them on the wall. You'd think with as much as I love them I'd be in a hurry to see the finished effect.

  3. That looks great so far! I'm currently in the middle of stenciling my office too. Boy, it takes a long time!