Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bedroom: Country to dorm room to bright and clean (I hope)

So the previous owners of my house tended to go for country decor.  So when I moved in, even though I didn't completely know what direction I wanted to go in, I started painting to to erase the country from my mind.

This is was the Master Bedroom looked like when the previous owners lived here.

The second I took possession (before moving in) I painted three rooms starting with the Master.  I also added shades and that solo piece of art on the wall.   I picked that out and had it framed living in an apartment a couple years earlier.  I love it and it's how I chose my paint color. 

This is what the room has looked like for three years.  Definitely better than country, but it's pretty barren. 

A couple month ago I ordered a new bed (KING - I don't care if it's takes up the whole room).  It will arrive next week.  In preparation for it's arrival, I started looking for new bedding and curtains (finally).  I found the comforter set a Macy's on vacation because Omaha doesn't have a Macy's :(.

Curtains have been a struggle.  I refuse to spend a lot of money but nothing has worked with the comforter.  Walking through Garden Center these caught my eye.

Yeah I have a red addiction.  I picked them up because I loved the slight pattern (seen in the second picture).  Lo and behold, the back of this lovely red fabric looked like this

I was pretty sure it would work and even if it didn't - The Garden center had two 2 yard pieces for $5.99 each.  So even if the gray was totally wrong I would only be out $12. 
Anyway,  here's the master bedroom with new comforter set and curtains (same bed).

I still have quite a bit to do, but at least now I have a direction.  I probably will bring a couple pops of red into the room - possible a pillow and/or painting an entertainment stand.  I also need something on the wall above the bed, but that will have to wait until the new bed arrives so I can be sure of the size.

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