Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top Thirteen Tuesday–Favorite reads of 2013


I’m back for Top Ten Tuesday with my favorite reads of 2013.  I couldn’t narrow it down to 10 so in honor of the year I picked thirteen.

Thanks again to The Broke and The Bookish for Hosting Top 10 Tuesdays.

My top 13 in the order I read them.

Going too Far

Through the Ever Night

To Kill a mockingbird

5 Scarlet


The Twelve

Life as we knew it




where she went

All the Truth that's in Me

This Song Will Save Your Life

Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 Reading Summary

I know a lot of book bloggers do little recaps at the end of each month and I always think it’s a great idea, but never quite get it done.  Instead I’m doing a year in review summary for all of 2013.  While analyzing the data I have come to a couple embarrassing conclusions about myself, but I’ll get to those later.  First off the raw numbers.

Books read: 86*

Books reviewed: 26

Pages read: 29,402*

Fiction: 82

Nonfiction: 6

Books in a Series: 38 or 23 (depending on if you count companion novels)

New to me Authors: 44

Female Authors: 56**

Male Authors: 8**

Adult: 41

Young Adult: 45

Books completed for Back to the Classics Challenge: 2 (plan of 6)

Books read for TBR Pile Challenge: 7 (plan of 12)

*Includes 3 books that I DNF and have officially decided I never will.  Does not include about 5 that I did not finish but haven’t given up on.

**Doesn’t count authors twice if I read more than one of their books this year.

The most embarrassing statistic up there (at least to me) is the Female to Male author ratio and it’s actually worse that it appears.  I’ve read books by 56 women and 8 men, but when you count multiple books by the same author it becomes 76 books by women and 10 books by men.
Authors Pie Chart
As anyone who follows my blog is probably aware I had a job change this year that put a damper on my reading habits for a while during the adjustment period.  Can you see the adjustment period?
Graph by month
I think this makes it much clearer (I tend to post reviews out about 6 weeks)
Chart Post by month
I’m quite proud that my Adult to YA ratio was so close to even (although I may have counted New Adult books as Adult and I’m not quite sure on that one).
Here’s a lovely chart that breaks down what I read by genre
Genre Pie Chart
Does anyone else have the same issue with author ratio that I do?  Any other interesting discoveries about personal reading habits that surprised you?