Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mini Reviews - Abbi Glines

When my job title changed in February, I was feeling really overwhelmed by my new responsibilities.  I talked about it briefly in this post.  Reading is my escape from stress, but I didn’t have the mental space to read anything challenging (or review worthy).  I decided to do a few posts that highlight my overall thoughts on a few of the books I read between February and August.

I went through an Abbi Glines phase that in retrospect I find really embarrassing.  I stumbled into Just For Now on Kindle for a couple dollars and I thought it would be a light romance.  It was actually more explicit than I was expected, but total brain candy – no redeeming value, but easy to read. 

Turns out that “Just for Now” is part of the Sea Breeze series a collection of companion novels.  It was actually book 4.   I ended up reading books 1-3 in short succession without giving any of them much thought.

After I finished all of them I realized that they are pretty much all the same book.  Here’s the basic plot.
1)    Super attractive male lead who never has sex with the same girl twice.

2)    Super attractive female lead who has never had sex.

3)    Male lead falls head over heals for female lead and quits sleeping around.

4)    Male lead does something stupid and they get in a fight and break up.

5)    Male lead redeems himself and they live happily ever after.
You can obviously understand why I’m slightly embarrassed that I read FOUR of these books, but to be fair I’ll say they were exactly what I need to read at the time.  I have OD'd on this particular series and won't be diving into Sometimes it Lasts or Misbehaving anytime soon.

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