Friday, October 26, 2012

Updating cabinet hardware

I'm working on updating my kitchen cabinets.  I posted a couple quick pics in this post and I'll have an indepth look at the staining process next week. 

In addition to restaining my cabinets I wanted to update the hardware.  Unfortunately I'm not entirely sure what I want the hardware to be because I haven't finalized what I'm doing with a few other kitchen elements.   Currently they are brass (yuck).  Brushed nickel seemed like it would clash with all the brass elsewhere in my house (damn you eighties home decor).  As I've been updating light fixtures I've been going with Oil Rubbed Bronze, but since the cabinet doors were going to be dark I didn't think that would give enough contrast.  My mom suggested Copper and I thought that might be an interesting option, but didn't want to sink $60 - $100 into new handles/pulls and then not like it.

I took off the old handles (and established that they are a very standard size).  Tossed the back plates and decided to try spray painting the existing handles copper.   I used Rustoleum's Spray Primer, Hammered Copper Spray Paint, and Spray Poly.

I spaced nails out on a 1 by 8 so I could prop 15 handles at a time up to be painted.  Then I sprayed 2 thin, even coats of primer, 3 coats of paint, and 2 coats of Poly onto the handles. 

Here are the handles on the doors.  You even get a sneak peak at the final staining outcome.

I'm extremely happy with how the handles turned out.  Someday I may invest in some actual copper pulls, but for now these work just fine. 

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