Wednesday, October 24, 2012

King Me!

I just got my new bed - 5 months and 3 cancelled deliveries after I originally ordered it.  I first posted about my Master bedroom here

As a refresher, this is what my bedroom looked like with the old bed.


 And here it is with the new

I love the king size bed.  I still feel like I have enough space to manuever in the room and love the extra sleeping space (and so does Gizmo).  Side note - I bought a new camera too - that's why the colors look so different.
I'm struggling with what to do with the wall above the bed.   I have these two that I think would go colorwise.
The head board is so high that I'm afraid any art I hang will look weird cause you're suppose to hang art at eye level.   Has anyone else had this issue?  Ideas?

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