Monday, August 31, 2015

Top Ten Characters I didn’t Click with

Every Tuesday the ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish host a book related Top 10.


This week is “Top Ten Characters I didn’t Click with”.

This is a topic I want to TALK about, because sometimes it’s really a mystery as to why I click with some characters and not others.  I’ve connected to some wonderfully brave heroic characters and some terribly unlikeable characters so why didn’t these characters that MANY others readers love click with me?

These are characters I didn’t connect with emotionally.  If they annoyed me or made me angry they aren’t on the list.

Mia If I stay

I have never been able to figure out why I didn’t connect with Mia.  I could relate to her relationship with her family, but I just didn’t get emotionally involved like I would have expected, ESPECIALLY because I have a younger brother with almost the exact same age difference and our relationship was very similar to theirs.

Liesel book thief

I liked the book, but when the narrator is Death it’s natural to feel a distance from the characters.  The ‘voice’ of the book is just so neutral.

Anna Moonglass

I know a lot of people love Jessi Kirby, but so far I haven’t connected with her characters.

Frances More like Her

I loved Liza Palmer’s first two books and really identified with both heroines so needless to say I was anxiously awaiting More Like Her but the book just didn’t do anything for me and I didn’t really care about Frances.

Victoria mad wicked folly

Feminist fighting for suffrage in England.  This SO should have been right up my alley, but it was a fight to finish the book.

Francesca Saving

I’m the one person who doesn’t really get Marchetta. I liked this book, but didn’t click with Francesca. 

Lina Between Shades of Gray

I’m a crier and this is such a heartbreaking topic/book, but without fully investing in the MC it ended up missing something for me and I don’t think I shed a tear.

Laureth She not invisible

I liked Laureth but never fully connected.  Again she had a younger brother that she was close to.  I almost wonder if the obsession with coincidence cause the disconnect.

Brie Catastrophic History

I think when the main character is already dead it takes some of the tension out of the story.


Another book I liked with an main character I didn’t really connect with.  Luckily I liked the plot enough to continue the series because I have loves every new book in the series more and more.


  1. Yes - me too on The Book Thief! I loved the beginning and the end but I struggled through the bulk of it & I never connected with Liesel. My TTT

  2. I had the same issue with Mia-- just never really felt connected to her or that story. I don't have a younger brother or siblings significantly younger than me (the opposite in fact), but still, you needed an emotional connection for that storyline to mean anything.

    And I'm not sure I'd use the phrase "didn't connect" with Frances from More Like Her. I actually actively found her annoying. Sooooo neurotic that I the only way I could stand her was when the book had some humor in it in the beginning.

    1. My inclusion of Frances has more to do with me not remembering much about her. I was so actively annoyed by the plot of the book that I don't remember character annoyances.

      I actually had a couple characters that I planned to include and then didn't because as I was writing why I didn't connect I used the word annoying to describe them...and decided that finding them annoying indicated a connection.

  3. I completely forgot about "If i stay"! i did not enjoy that book at all. The characters were a huge part of that.
    Great list :)