Monday, August 10, 2015

Silver Linings and Routine Travel

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been traveling consistently for work this year. Mostly it’s tiring, but the last few weeks have been spent in Grand Island, NE (third largest city!).  In addition to having more dining options, Grand Island also has a very condensed collection of antique stores downtown and last week I decided to browse the largest one over lunch.

I only had about 45 min but I still saw several things I would actually love to own and lots of others that I would love if I had a different house.

First off, this chair was in the display window.  I’m very sorry for my inability to take a picture through glass.

Display Chair resizedThe lines are interesting and it’s in great shape.  If I hadn’t just picked these up on Craigslist I’d have been really tempted.

Brown Chair

I loved the lines of this for maybe an entryway piece and of course anything that will hold books is a huge plus in my house.


To be honest I would say most of what my eye is drawn to in a store like this is book storage related.  I don’t love the door with shelves but I think it’s an interesting idea. 

Door Shelves resizedEnclosed shelves resize

And of course I would love a place to put a library ladder.  If only I had space for a library.

Ladder 1 resizeLadder 2 resize

There’s so much cute small stuff that totally depends on the person whether it catches your eye or not. The only purchase I made where these candlestick holders. They are heavy and attractive and I’ve been looking for a reasonably attractive affordable pair so these are perfect.

Candle stick resize

If I didn’t already have really colorful dishware in the kitchen (God I love Fiestaware!) I’d have been really tempted by these canisters.

Canisters resize

Speaking of kitchens I want the right kitchen for these next two pieces really bad.  The first would make a great additional pantry for a kitchen without one but a little spare floor space.

Pantry 2 resizePantry 1 resize

I’m also in love with this small island.  It’s the perfect option for additional counter space in a kitchen that’s not quite big enough for a traditional island.


I actually have more pictures but I decided this was enough for now.  There are several other stores to check out on future lunch breaks so you can probably anticipate future posts.

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