Thursday, June 4, 2015

Simon and the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

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Very Brief Summary

Simon is being blackmailed. He carelessly left his email open on a school computer – the email address he’s been using to communicate with a gay classmate, screen named Blue.  Simon doesn’t know Blue’s real name, but he’s very afraid that if he doesn’t help the blackmailer get the girl (one of Simon’s good friends) he’ll post the screen shots to the school’s Tumbl account.

The Good

Funny Protagonist – Simon’s interesting.  He’s active in the school musical, he hangs out with his friends, and is close to his family.  I enjoyed Simon’s thoughts on how being a teenager is a constant series of “coming outs” that have nothing to do with being gay.  What his interests are, who he’s friends with are all treated as EVENTS by his parentsThermometer loved it

Family Dynamics – I love, Love, LOVE Simon’s family. His parents are actively involved in his life. Simon has almost zero fear of coming out to his family.  He trusts that they will still love and accept him; his hesitation is that he can’t un-come out and he’s not ready for them to make a big deal of it.  He’s close to his sisters – they bicker, but also support each other.

The Love Interest – I knew about half way through who Blue was, but Simon doesn’t find out until shortly before the end of the book, but I adore Blue.  I love Blue and Simon together.  Once they meet they are definitely a couple but they’ve been talking anonymously for months before they meet so they know each other pretty well already.  

The Bad

I Got Nothing

The Results

When I have nothing to say in “The Bad” section it’s probably a winner.  I loved this book.  

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