Monday, July 22, 2013

Blogging Challenge: Describe how you shop for books

I’m onto day 6 of the book blogger’s challenge…and I’m WAY behind, but it’s all good J

Today’s question is:
Describe how you shop for books?

(1)     There are several authors (John Sandford, Rainbow Rowell, Claire Lazebnik) that I keep track of their next release date and either order from Amazon or stop at a book store on release day (although I never pre-order).  

(2)    If I’m in the mood to read and nothing I own sounds particularly appealing I start scouring Amazon for Kindle books that sound good.

(3)    I periodically go to the half price book store looking for book club books and inevitably end up impulse buying a bunch of books I never considered before.  Last time I was there (7 days ago) I came home with 6 books – none of which were why I went in the first place.  Two by Norman Mailer (evidently I was feeling ambitious), Stephen King’s 11/22/63, and three random clearance books.


  1. I'm pretty behind on this challenge, too. Oh well! It does sound like you were pretty ambitious at the half price book store. 11/22/63 is a beast of a book... I'm too scared to even attempt it because it would take forever to finish!

    1. I figured that if she's leaving the linking party up for 6 months that I didn't have to do them 15 consecutive days :)

      Big books are scary...but sometimes they are awesome. And since I've gotten better at ditching them unfinished if I'm not enjoying reading them I figure it's worth trying. But if I had a baby at home I'd probably stick to fairly quick reads.