Monday, July 8, 2013

Blogging Challenge - 15 Bookish Confessions

Day 1 of the Book Bloggers Challenge

I actually already posted my Top 10 Confessions last year in this post.  So I'm just going to add five.

Bookish Confession #11 - I don't think I ever read Anne of Green Gables.

Bookish Confession #12 - I am currently at least 25% into 4 different books, haven't given up on any of them, but haven't picked them up in 1-4 weeks either.

Bookish Confession #13 - I bought Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell from Amazon UK about a year before it came out in the US and then purchased the kindle version when it came out in the US, but I love the US cover so much I have to fight myself not to buy a third copy everytime I'm in a bookstore. 

Bookish Confession #14 - There are 167 books on my Goodreads to-read shelf.  At least half have been there over a year.

Bookish Confession #15 - I have major book indecision this year.  I can never decide what to read next and end up rereading something I already have memorized.


  1. I totally waited until E&P came out in the US because I'm cheap and because I wanted the US cover! I also am in the middle of 5 books right now, though two of them have been sitting untouched for months. But I want to finish them eventually... just not now!

    1. I figure I'll eventually find E&P at the half price bookstore for a reasonable price... Book buying is a little bit of an illness for me.

      What books are you in the middle of?

    2. I'm actively reading Shades of Earth (nearly finished), listening to The Raven Boys, and reading the first Harry Potter out loud to Lydia. I've got Blasphemy, a book of short stories by Sherman Alexie, and some collection of essays about babies I got as a gift sitting on the backburner... they're both there for when I need something short and different.

  2. I love your love of Eleanor & Park, that book was amazing -- how cool that you ordered from Amazon UK so early and then bought the US version too. I agree, that cover is great.