Monday, March 30, 2015

Top 10 Recent Additions to my TBR list

Every Tuesday the ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish host a book related Top 10.


Top ten recent additions to my TBR list…hmmm.  These top 10’s are always interesting because odds are a year from now I won’t have read half of these. I’m not including anything on my Spring TBR list and I’m limiting myself to only 5 books that haven’t been released yet.

Older books…new to me

New to TBR - older

1) The Carnival at Bray by Jessie Ann Foley

This is an indie release from last year (so not really that old).  The synopsis is a little vague, but it sounds like a individual travel journey of personal discovery and I tend to like those.

2) The Sin Eater’s Daughter by Melinda Salisbury

How gorgeous is that cover?  Again brief description and it sounds a little fantasy which tends to be hit or miss for me but I would seriously read this one for the cover.

3) The Martian by Andy Weir

I’ve started seeing this everywhere over the past few months.  Interesting concept and probably a little more of a challenging read then my typical fair.  

4) How to be Bad by E Lockhart, Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle

I have loved books by each of these authors individually so I’m intrigued to see what they came up with together.

5) The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Super popular right now and I listened to a bit of the audio book – British narrator!  So it’s on my list of books to listen to.

Coming  Soon

New to TBR - 2015 releases

1) Call Me Home by Megan Kruse

After knowing NOTHING about indie books, this list has THREE indie’s on it.  From the synopsis this seems like a dysfunction family novel where choices are made that have long standing consequences.  Seems like the kind of book that will have lots of discussion material.

2) Ally Hughes has Sex Sometimes by Jules Moulin

Seems like a potentially fun women’s lit novel and I haven’t found one of those I was excited about in quite awhile.

3) Things We Know by Heart by Jessi Kirby

I’m a little nervous about this – it’s the kind of plot backstory that could end up feeling manipulative – but if it’s done well could be amazing.  MC’s finds the boy who was the recipient of her boyfriend’s heart.

4) Paperweight by Meg Haston

I’m at a phase where I’m really interested in mental illness.  I like when I can put myself in other people’s shoes through fiction.

5) The Only Ones by Carola Dibbell

It’s been so long since I’ve read an adult dystopia.  Inez is immune to a disease that has had devastating consequences.  Due to her immunity she is hired to provide genetic material for a baby.  Another book that sounds like it will provide lots of discussion material.  Also an indie press release.

Bonus Novella

Nice Girls don't ride

Nice Girls Don’t Ride by Roni Loren – Quick and easy romance. Nuff said.


  1. How to be Bad looks interesting hope you like it. :)
    My Top Ten Tuesday

  2. I'm currently reading Carnival at Bray- so much heavier than I expected, but good. I liked The Girl on the Train... interesting thriller with characters who are totally unlikeable. And I think I'll read The Martian eventually. I heard a lot about it and gifted a copy to my dad, a real SFF guy, who loved it. I forgot to write up my post for this week, but maybe I'll get a chance a little later on.

  3. I liked THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN a lot. It kept me reading -- and guessing! I'm reading THE SIN EATER'S DAUGHTER right now. I'm only a few chapters in, but it's intriguing. I like it so far.

    Happy TTT!

  4. I need to read The Martian, too! I can't believe I keep forgetting about it... Nice list!

    Mine's here.