Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Top 10 Tuesday - Top Ten “Books men won’t read”

Each Tuesday The Broke and The Bookish provide a book related Top 10 theme.

This is not a list of the “best” books. It’s a list of the books I enjoyed the most and have reread to the point of memorization. Like comfort food, these books may not be the smartest choices, but they go down easy.
  1. Seeing Me Naked – Liza Palmer
I really identified with Elizabeth even though our backgrounds couldn’t be more different. I grew up in a very loving, non-competitive, middle class family. She grew up in a family that loved her but didn’t express it, very competitive, wealthy and had a famous father. But somehow every time she scolded herself mentally for being a snob I could really identify. I think people would like me a lot less if they knew what I was thinking. Elizabeth also feared emotional intimacy – that’s what the title is referring to – her fear of letting people see who she really is without her sarcasm as a shield and I can really relate to that.
  1. AttachmentsRainbow Rowell
I read an interview with the author, and she said that this book started with just a bunch of Beth and Jennifer’s conversations and all she was really trying to do was make her self laugh. I assume she succeeded because Lord knows that those conversations made me laugh. If you click the author's name above you'll be taken to her blog with a deleted Beth/Jennifer email scene.
  1. If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now – Claire Lazebnik
I loved this book. I’ve really enjoyed all of Lazebnik’s novels, but this is my favorite. Word of warning – Rickie, the main character, isn’t always likeable. She snaps at her mother and frequently loses patience with her son. But I could just understand why she reacted the way she did even if it wasn’t the best response. I know when I’m frustrated I take it out on the people I trust to love me anyway. The story just felt very real to me.
  1. Gone With the Wind – Margaret Mitchell
I cannot express how much I love this book. As a teenage I was jealous of Scarlett’s easy way with men. As an adult I’m come to appreciate that for as bratty as Scarlett behaves there’s something admirable in how she goes after what she needs/wants. You can call her selfish all you want, but she made sure her family had enough to eat.
  1. All American Girl – Meg Cabot
This book is so fun. In a day and age of insta-celebrity because of reality shows it was fun to read a book about a girl who had the instant fame, but not on purpose.
  1. The Last Summer (of you and me) – Ann Brashares
Beach books evoke a sense of nostalgia for me, kinda strange seeing as I grew up in theMidwestwith very little exposure to beaches. I also love stories about couples who grew up together and then fell in love.
  1. Baby Proof – Emily Giffin
This is a book that really grew on me. I enjoyed it the first time I read it and have like it more every time since. I found it amazing how much I identified with the main character. She’s married to an amazing man and when they got married they both agreed that they didn’t want kids. Three years into the marriage he changes his mind and wants kids. She feels really betrayed by his change of heart and reading about how they deal with it is heartbreaking. I actually really want kids, but I can understand the difficulty in compromise especially on an issue you though was already settled.
  1. The Bean Trees / Pigs in Heaven – Barbara Kingsolver
This is kind of cheating, but they are both short books, especially for Kingsolver and Pigs in Heaven is the sequel to The Bean trees. TaylorleavesKentuckycause she doesn’t want to get pregnant and stuck there. As she’s driving thoughOklahomaa woman essentially just gives her a small child.
  1. How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls – Zoey Dean
This is the classic light beach read. It’s fun, there’s a little romance, a tiny bit of intrigue and a makeover by a drag queen.
  1. A Total Waste of Makeup – Kim Gruenenfelder
I found this book hilarious. Throughout the book Charlize is writing a book of advice to her grandniece (she has no confidence she’ll ever meet someone and have kids of her own). Some of the advice is really good, some is just funny, and a lot of it is both. Charlize is the personal assistant of a really big movie star and he has a tendency to get into some really outrageous situations, which I’ll admit aren’t always believable, but are very funny.

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