Monday, September 14, 2015

Top Ten Book Cover Trends

Every Tuesday the ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish host a book related Top 10.


This week is a Freebie.  I was going to do top 10 Book covers, but I couldn’t narrow it down to anything close to 10.  So here’s my “Top 10 Book Cover Trends”.  See what I did there? 

Title Focused 5 booksEyes Front 3 booksOne bold Color 5 booksFace in Profile 5 booksPretty Dress 3 booksSarah J Maas 6 booksPost its torn paper 4Facing away 5 booksBlue Green 3 booksNo Trend

In case you were wondering, I just squeezed 44 books into this Top 10 list.  What cover trends are you drawn too?


  1. I am always drawn to blue/green covers. And Eleanor and Park is one of my most favorite covers, too. Also, nice way to squeeze in a bunch of pretties into one post!

    1. I think half the reason I read so much YA is that the covers are more interesting. Out of the 44 covers I managed to squeeze into this top 10, only 1 is an adult novel.

      And thanks! I'm actually really proud of managing to get this many covers into the post - although it probably makes the page load pretty slow.

  2. I love typography, so I love the title focused covers and mint is my second favourite colour so I love that we're getting cover in that shade lately!

    My list

  3. Nice way to get as many books in as possible! I'm drawn to pretty covers. I will pick up a book with a beautiful cover ever day of the week and see what it's about. I am drawn to blues as well because that is my favorite cover. Sarah J Maas does deserve her own category but I love her books and I love the Throne of Glass books have the same image on the back but instead of assassin attire it's a dress, nifty.
    My Top Ten

  4. this is such a fascinating topic!! I'm gonna go look at some of my books and see which categories they would fit in :) My TTT