Monday, December 29, 2014

Top 10 Resolutions / Goals for 2015

Every Tuesday the ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish host a book related Top 10. 

In honor of the new year this week’s topic is Goals and Resolutions for 2015.  If I accomplish half of these I’ll be happy, but here’s what I would like to happen.

Reading Goals

1. Read 100 books (I just want to do it once)

2. Have at least 25 of those books be written by men

3. At least 1 classic (probably Jane Eyre)

Blogging Goals

4. Start blogging again

5. Write at least one post a month that is not a meme or review

6. Make custom blog background

7. Comment more on other blogs/be more active on Twitter

Other Goals

8. Start to Sew

9. Learn Photoshop

10. Keep my house picked up


  1. I'd love to learn Photoshop too! :-)
    And wow, a 100 books! You can do it :)

    1. Can I just say - photo shop is frustrating! We'll see how that goal goes. The 100 books has been an stated goal for a few years. I've gotten close before but hoping officially stating it will help.

  2. Great goals! I love your mix of reading, blogging, and creative things.

    Joy's Book Blog

  3. Yes! Read Jane Eyre! It's my all time favorite book. So, no pressure or anything. And I'm looking forward to seeing you blog again!

    1. I started it yesterday. It's going to be my 20-30 pages at a time book - no pressure to finish it fast:) So far so good!