Monday, March 11, 2013

Kitchen Revisited

It feels like it's been years since I last posted about anything home/DIY related, but I've finally compiled my pictures and I'm ready to share some updates.

Last time I posted anything kitchen related I was lamenting my cabinet staining FAIL.  My cabinets didn't quite come out the same shade.

But restaining the cabinets was such a HUGE undertaking that I just didn't have the energy to fix it immediately.  I decided to focus on a few other things in the kitchen that were bothering me.  First up the maroon paint (seriously how dark is it in there?).  I was planning to paint it blue, because I'm in LOVE with this granite and it has a blue vein through it.

I did a little shopping and I think this granite will be hard to find and since the only chance I have at affording granite is if I can find a remnant I like,  it's very unlikely.  So back to color.  If I wasn't going with blue then maybe yellow?  Turns out my mom no longer likes the window coverings that she made (and spent a TON of time on) for her living room.  I've always liked them and snagged one to replace the vertical blinds I currently had on the patio door.

Anyway her curtains made me settle on a light green.  I struggle with light colors - I tend to paint with saturated hues.  I put about 6 slightly different samples on the wall (can't find the picture anymore).  Crossed my fingers and picked a shade and voila!


I am in love with the green.  Its amazing but the two tone cabinets don't drive me nearly as crazy now that the room is no longer maroon.  I still have quite a bit left to do in the kitchen, but it's awesome how much of a difference paint makes.


Kitchen at the very beginning and then after restaining cabinets and repainting.


  1. Wow! That green paint makes such a difference! I really like it!

    1. I know right? I'm soooo happy with it. Next monday I've got a post queued up for some of the accent (ie the patio door window covering). The kitchen is really coming together.