Saturday, August 4, 2012

Window Shopping......OK Online Shopping

I mean who really window shops anymore.  Plus I'm coveting stuff at IKEA which we unfortunately don't have here in Nebraska.

First of all I love so many of the fabrics, these first two are pretty and somewhat understated.  The gray, Berta Ruta, is subtle, but with a little bit of texture to it  I love the little pops of green in the Cecilia (2nd) fabric.

This one is my favorite.  It's called Gullan Bloom.  Wouldn't it be awesome as a small accent pillow or even framed as art.  I love color - it's problem cause I'm not drawn to neutrals and you can't decorate exclusively with color.

Of course there's a problem with buying fabric - I can't sew.  Or at least I never have.  I'd like to give it a try just for simple things, hemming the occasional curtains, making throw pillow, you get the picture.  But I've looked into buying a sewing machine and always get overwhelmed.  Of course then I find this!

That's right.  IKEA makes a beginner's sewing machine.  Online it says the price is $69, but can vary by store.  Totally cute, won't take up a lot of space, but is it functional?  So I check to see if there are any reviews and confirm that it should accomplish what I would need of it.

Ikatbag review of the IKEA sewing machine

Sounds perfect for my needs!  Now here is where I go a little nuts.  You can't order it online.  And the nearest store to me is 6 hours away.  I almost took an impromptu trip to Minneapolis to buy it.  Yeah,  even if I did it in one day (12 hours of driving + 3-4 hours in the store) I'd still be out the gas money to get there and back so now my $70 sewing machine is running closer to $125.  Like I said, NUTS!  But seriously folks, if there was an IKEA within a 3 hour radius - I'd have hit the road. 

So I am forced to take a breath and consider things (always a good idea).  I think I'm going to plan a weekend visit to some friends in Minneapolis in October.  If I still want it in 2 months good deal!

So now that that I've left crazytown here are a few more things I love at IKEA.  This lumbar pillow, Malin Fransar, is gorgeous.

These Somrig vases are so much fun!  I can see them in a line down the center of a dining table or mantle.   
I also thought this Stockholm bowl would be great as a fruit bowl in the kitchen or a center piece.

And these Klipstrig placemats are so much fun.  I think they would be especially cool when eating alfresco.

So am I the only one admiring IKEA from afar or are there others out there dying to visit?  If you are coveting any specific put links in the comments (I may need to add to my list).


  1. I live like 20 minutes away from an IKEA... it is definitely a place to visit at least once, as there is so much there to take in. And most of their stuff is pretty good quality for the price.

    You can also find a decent beginner's sewing machine at JoAnn's for a reasonable price on sale. And sewing isn't too terribly difficult. I'm sure you can master it with a little practice!

    1. I had briefly researched sewing machines a few months ago and got overwhelmed quickly. (ditto digital cameras) I don't sew yet so how do I know which of these functions I can't live without? I may have to check at JoAnn's.

    2. Well, depends what you want to do with your machine... I have a Singer Talent and I like it for what little sewing I actually do.

      I'd decide what you are willing to spend and what you actually plan to do with the machine and look based on that. There is a lot out there, but those should help you narrow down a bit. I had a website I looked at a lot when I was first shopping, but I can't seem to find it. If I do I'll send it your way.

  2. You have the magic touch - the sewing machine is in the new catalog! you can get it now. cheers, Coco

    1. Thanks for the tip! I signed up for the catalog last week hoping that would be the case!