Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Top 10 Series I haven't finished

Every Tuesday The Broke and the Bookish hosts a weekly Top 10.  This week's top 10 is series you haven't finished.  I thought I would struggle to come up with 10 and ended up hitting 15.  So these actually are my top 10.

1. The Goddess Test (Aimee Carter) - I read the first one and enjoyed reading it, but it was a tad predictable and there was very little character depth.  I might read the rest eventually.

2. The Jessica Darling Series (Megan McCafferty) - I really enjoyed the first one, but just haven't been in the mood for more Jessica yet.  I keep going on these.

3. Outlander (Diana Gabaldon) - Didn't even finish the first book.  I forced myself to 50% and I was still bored.

4. Shopaholic Series (Sophia Kinsella) - I had OD'd on shopaholic after the first book, but somehow read the first four.  Just quit spending money!

5. Abandon Trilogy (Meg Cabot) - I enjoyed this book and had the sequel on my TBR list for summer, but then I read Everneath and it was a similar concept and a little better and I lost my enthusiasm for the Abandon series.

6. Gallagher Girls (Ally Carter) - The first couple books were fun, but since then they've gotten monotonous.

7. The Stephanie Plum Series (Janet Evanovich) - I LOVED the first 5 or so of these.  The next five were readable but repetitive.  Now it's like she puts zero effort into writing them.  I attempted to read thirteen and just couldn't do it.

8. Uglies (Westerfield) - Uglies was fine, but Pretties annoyed me so much there was no chance I would keep reading.

9. Shatter Me (Tehereh Mafi) - The first book was thesaurus torture.  Never again.

10.  The Millenium Trilogy (Steig Larson) - I haven't read The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest yet.  I love the first two so much that I've been putting off the final cause I don't want it to be over.


  1. *giggle* thesaurus torture! You know my feelings on Shatter Me, that is definitely a series I won't be finishing either. (Unless I want to pick out quotes for a good laugh, I guess.)

    Not sure I ever read past the first shopaholic book, but now I'm not sure I could tolerate that character like I could in college.

    I hope you get to the Jessica Darling books eventually, too. I really enjoy Jessica! (though I haven't finished the series either, haha).

    1. I do know your feelings on Shatter Me. At least picking out quotes for a laugh gives it some redeeming value.

      I'm pretty sure I'll get back to Jessica. Just waiting for the right mood.

      I'm definitely getting pickier about books as I get older. If I had started Shopaholic now I don't think I'd have finished the first one.

  2. Ha I never noticed the thesaurus torture. It was the weird X-men ending that got me :) My Top Ten Tuesday

  3. I don't know if I think Janet Evanovich puts zero effort into her more recent Stephanie Plum novels. I just think that since she has 18 novels out, she is running out of ideas. I think she should try to write something new. I've read up to 17, but haven't found the time to read 18. I have to admit, I'm not really craving to read it.

    Here's my TTT