Monday, January 19, 2015

Blog Design

Part of the reason my blog fell off last year was frustration with the behind the scenes technical stuff.  I was really struggling with formatting for the blog some things that were Blogger specific, but most of it was a general lack of knowledge that would have caught up with my on any platform.

I like things to look pretty and as much as I try not to compare the aesthetic of my blog to others, but sometimes it’s hard not to.  I spent some time creating graphics in MS Paint.  MS Paint was time consuming and frustrating, but still my best option since my attempt at Photoshop had me totally lost.  When I started my blog back up this year I promised myself that I wouldn’t get too worked up about graphics although I was taking another crack at Photoshop for photography reasons.

I was reorganizing my blog a couple weeks ago and searching for how to create dropdown menus and stumbled into How to Blog Design.

She has tons of tutorials.  There are two that I’ve found super helpful so far – Tour of Photoshop Tools and Designing a Blog in Blogger.  I’m planning to go through the videos for HTML and CSS soon.

I’m still not as proficient as I’d like to be, but this site helped me take a huge step forward that made this more fun and less frustrating for me.
Any other tips for me?

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